Cyprus’ business-friendly infrastructure and can-do attitude has brought it worldwide recognition as an international business centre. The country offers a winning package for both international entrepreneurs and investors with its sophisticated business environment, highly skilled workforce and cost-effective, yet high quality of life. 

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    Business Culture

    Respect, hospitality and personal trust are the cornerstones of the Cypriot business environment. An island nation with a long history of dealing with foreign traders and businesses, Cypriot business people are international in their outlook and astute and knowledgeable in their negotiations. Punctuality is expected, business dress is formal for both men and women, especially at the beginning of a business relationship, and even in warm weather. Most Cypriots prefer face-to-face meetings to telephone conferences or written communications, which are regarded as too impersonal, and place great importance on building personal relationships with business partners or connections. Trust is the key to successful business dealings in Cyprus. 

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    Greek and Turkish are the official languages of Cyprus. However, English, the legacy of the British who ruled Cyprus from 1878 to 1960, is widely spoken and is the language of business. Many Cypriots speak also French, German or Russian. 

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    Business Hours

    Office hours are generally 8.30am to 1.00pm and 2.00pm to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. Although in summer some offices take a longer lunch break or finish early. 


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